Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Vermont House of Representatives, District 7-2. Born in Vermont and raised right here in South Burlington, I am proud to have laid down roots in the community where I grew up.

Over the past five years, I have been active in both civic and political issues affecting Vermont. I have volunteered for local candidates, collaborated with charities in our community, and served as Vice Chair on the Advisory Committee for Accessibility in Burlington. I feel strongly that now is the time for me to run for public office, a place where I can become a positive change-maker for my community.

I’m impassioned by the possibility of identifying ways to lighten the weight of taxes on Vermont residents. Property taxes are too high. We are driving people, our best natural resource, out of state. I want to put pressure on Montpelier to do away with their outdated “tax and spend” approach. If given the opportunity, I’d like to look for alternative solutions that will create new revenue streams for the state, without putting the extra financial burden on families. I want young families and businesses to do more than just survive financially in Vermont; I want them to be able to thrive and prosper.

My hope is to bring education to the forefront of issues. My wife Cassie is a Special Educator in the Burlington School District. I believe there are practical solutions available, that have not yet been identified, that will enhance our children’s academic and athletic achievements, without creating an unnecessary burden for taxpayers. Our public schools are strong; I want to help keep them that way for the next generation, including my daughter, Rowan.

I am excited and energized at the possibility of serving the people of South Burlington and Vermont. But, before I can serve, I must conduct a very aggressive campaign. I’d be honored to have your support in this new chapter.